Competitiveness and knowledge in the tourist sector.Improving the competitiveness and strategic position through the establishment of a platform for the generation and transmission of Knowledge.

The strategic objective of this proposal is to establish a platform for developing a competitive tourist industry based on the generation and application of knowledge revolving around a new international research-driven cluster in the tourist industry.Fro

  • Listing ID: 2090
  • Start date: 1/1/2008
  • End Date: 12/31/2010
  • Region: Madeira
  • Priority: Tourism
  • Programme: FP7-REGIONS-2007-1
  • Participants within MAC area: POLO CIENTIFICO E TECNOLOGICO DA MEADEIRA MADEIRA TECNOPOLO SA: 97,505.11; Agencia Regional da Energia e Ambiente da Regiao Autonoma da Madeira: 75,911.23; EXPEDITA-ARQUITECTURA E GESTAO DE SISTEMAS DE INFORMACAO, LDA.: 75,911.23

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