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The EU’s outermost regions: strengthened partnership bears fruit

The European Commission adopted a report on progress made under the 2017 Strategic Partnership with the EU’s outermost regions, which strengthened the cooperation between the EU outermost regions, the respective Member States and the European Commission. The report shows that this strengthened partnership is bearing fruit: building on the outermost regions’ strongest assets, regional and national actions are now up and running to foster growth in areas such as agriculture, the blue economy, biodiversity and circular economy, energy, research and innovation, employment, education and training, digital accessibility, transport and cooperation with neighbours.

European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, said: “Whether near or far, the European Union leaves no one behind. This is what today’s report shows: the European Commission has fully delivered on its commitment to taking into account the specificities of the outermost regions across EU policies. I am most pleased that these regions are now capitalising on their unique assets, as illustrated in today’s report. We are on the right track to turn our strategic partnership into positive change and a better future for our outermost regions.”

Taking into account progress made, the report suggests that further efforts at all levels are required to address climate change, protect biodiversity, introduce circular economy and shift to renewable energy in the outermost regions. Key sectors such as the blue economy also need continuous investment.

Note: this an EC news. Read full article here

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Spain and Portugal test organic compost to clean up water

ERDF-funded researchers in Spain and Portugal are testing organic compost to understand how it could reduce the concentration of pollutants in wastewater and lessen soil degradation. By testing different mixtures, researchers are hoping to produce better-quality compost.

The Res2ValHUM project looks to better understand the substances in organic compost. They have developed new mixtures made from green urban residues (such as tree or flower trimmings), manure, algae and worms.

The new compost is already showing strong potential. Based on observations, researchers believe it could be used as a filter for water treatment to remove pollutants, like drugs, that exist in huge amounts in wastewater.

Another team of researchers is analysing the compost’s potential to improve poor agricultural soil. Working in a lab and on a small plantation, the scientists are monitoring how the compost impacts the growth of plants and fungi by testing it on different crops. Results already show that it increases the strength, growth and proliferation of roots and affects fungi.

Research will continue to see how it can be applied at industrial scale.

Source: EFE

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Outermost Regions Forum 2020 – Event Cancelled

For precautionary reasons related to current developments with the Coronavirus, the Outermost regions Forum initially planned on 24-25 March in Brussels will not take place.

The Outermost Regions Forum 2020 is a high-level dialogue platform for the nine outermost regions of the European UnionGuadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion Island, Saint-Martin (France), the Azores, Madeira (Portugal) and the Canary Islands (Spain), their Member States, the European Union institutions and civil society.

This event brings together the Presidents of the outermost regions, Ministers from their Member States, the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms and other members of the Commission, stakeholders and experts interested in learning from the experience of these special EU regions.

The Forum will review progress made under the 2017 Communication on a renewed strategic partnership with the EU’s outermost regions, based on the Commission’s implementation report due to be presented on this occasion.

In addition, the Forum will address three major themes for the outermost regions: climate change and biodiversity, circular economy and blue economy.

Discussions will shade light on solutions to develop the outermost regions potential. How can outermost regions capitalise on their unique assets and become frontrunners in adapting to climate change and protecting biodiversity, shaping insular circular economy solutions and developing a sustainable blue economy? The Forum will look at this through the lens of outermost regions’ success stories and challenges, exploring opportunities for these regions to provide innovative solutions to global challenges.

You can participate in the discussions trough Q&A sessions, live interviews, surveys, as well as networking events. When registering, you can have your say on what are the most important topics for the outermost regions and indicate your interest in meeting stakeholders.

This is a paperless Forum. We have taken the engagement to plant a tree per participant to offset flight emissions, and not to use plastics.

We look forward to meeting you at the Forum. As space is limited, we encourage you to register at your earliest convenience!

Interpretation in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish will be provided.

The deadline for registrations is 6 March 2020.

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Análisis Comparativo de las Estrategias RIS3 de Madeira, Açores y Canarias

Este informe de análisis comparativo de las Estrategias RIS3 de las regiones que componen el Espacio MAC, se presenta como la base de conocimiento sobre la cual trabajar en el alcance del objetivo general del proyecto RIS3_NET, así como un elemento de partida para el establecimiento de beneficios que aporten a las regiones una cohesión económica, social y territorial.

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Comité Intercluster da Macaronésia

O Comité Intercluster da Macaronésia pretende ser uma organização cujos intervenientes são pessoas ligadas a clusters regionais, organismos de I&D, universidades, empresas e departamentos do Governo dos Açores, Madeira e Canárias. O Comité deverá ser capaz de identificar projetos inovadores que se enquadrem com as estratégias regionais de especialização inteligente de modo a fomentar a criação de sinergias e cooperação inter-regional e inter-setorial para que se criem condições para desenvolver estes projetos de forma eficiente e competitiva.

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Regional Diversification Opportunities and Smart Specialization Strategies

Most all economic activity is geographically concentrated and innovation is no different, tending to concentrate in core regions of the European Union. Moreno et al. (2005) show that some urban areas tend to host a disproportionate amount of European innovation, while intermediary and less developed regions lag behind.

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Una asociación estratégica renovada y más fuerte con las regiones ultraperiféricas de la Unión Europea

Comunicación de la Comisión Europea al Parlamento Europeo, al Consejo, al Comité Económico y Social Europeo, al Comité de las Regiones y al Banco Europeo de Inversiones

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Benchmarking Internacional e Exemplos de Estratégias de Cooperação Transregional

O presente Estudo de Benchmarking identifica e analisa as vantagens derivadas da cooperação internacional entre os sistemas de I+D+i do Espaço Europeu, onde foram identificados exemplos de boas práticas em outros espaços de Especialização Inteligente, tendo como base documentos e plataformas (Uyarra et al., 2014; Gianelle et al. 2016; Plataforma S3; Página web do projeto RIS3_NET; Joint Research Centre). Este estudo se encontra orientado tanto para a melhoria da estratégia transregional, como das estratégias de especialização inteligente das regiões participantes (Madeira, Açores e Canárias), especialmente nos âmbitos de interesse comum, mas não apenas restringido aos mesmos.

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WordPress felizmente alojado en Webempresa

Instalar WordPress en tu hosting de Webempresa es el primer paso para construir la web de tus sueños.

WordPress es un sistema de creación web que combina la facilidad de uso con un enorme potencial, ya que te permite crear desde un blog sencillo hasta una tienda online con miles de productos. Sumándole a esta herramienta todo lo que te ofrece nuestro alojamiento WordPress podrás llegar tan lejos como quieras. 🙂

¡Te lo ponemos muy fácil para lanzar tu mensaje al mundo!

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Effective Product Promo Videos

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