Associação Regional das Empresas de Atividades Turísticas dos Açores

Associação Regional das Empresas de Atividades Turísticas dos Açores

AREAT is regional association of tourism animation companies of the Azores is a non-profit association, composed by individual business and companies, which have their headquarters and develop their business activity in the Azores archipelago. The purpose of the association is:

a) Defend, affirm; promote the rights of its members;

b) To ensure the representation of its members before public and private entities at regional, national, European and international level;

c) Ensure appropriate training, information and advisory support models for quality and innovation requirements of its members; d) Encourage the exchange of information between members;

e) To promote the debate on current regional issues involving the rights and member interests; f) Promote, gather and make available to members information and studies that allow contribute to improving the performance and profitability of its activities business;

g) To promote promotion activities, dissemination of events and fairs in the market internal and external;

h) Establish partnerships and provide support services that result in objectives beneficial to members.