Azores UNESCO Global Geoparque

The GEOAÇORES– Azores Geopark Association, ensures the management of the Azores Geopark. It is a non-profit association, with headquarters in Horta, Faial island and established through a public deed on May 19th, 2010. The founding members are the Azores Autonomous Region, through the Environment and Sea Regional Secretariat (SRAM) and the four Local Action Groups (LAG) of the Azores:

  • ADELIAÇOR – Association for the Local Development of the Azores Islands
  • ARDE – Regional Association for the Development
  • GRATER – Association of Regional Development
  • ASDEPR – Association for the Rural Development and Promotion

The Azores Geopark Association promotes the strategic plan for geotourism in Azores in cooperation with the Azores Tourism Office, focused on the volcanic nature of the territory, its active volcanism and the outstanding Azorean volcanic landscapes and landforms allowing to visitors …”an eruptions of aromas, tastes and experiences”.