Câmara do Comércio e Industria dos Açores – CCIA

Câmara do Comércio e Industria dos Açores - CCIA

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ponta Delgada – Commercial Association of São Miguel and Santa Maria Islands (Azores Islands, Portugal) – is a private, non-profit association that builds on the former Ponta Delgada Business Association. The CCIPD was created on the 25th of November 1835.

CCIPD takes as members natural and legal persons that pursue activities related to trade, industry, tourism and service sector and that are domiciled, based or permanent represented in S. Miguel and S. Maria Islands. CCIPD assumes the role of representing and defending its member’s interests, promoting the economic activity and rendering services to its affiliates and other organizations.

  • Listing ID: 4799
  • Region: Azores
  • Priority: Tourism, Agroindustry, Marine-maritime, Circular Economy & Biosustainability, Health & Wellness, ICT, Other Sectors
  • Web: http://www.ccipd.pt