Cooperativa FruterCoop | Associação de Produtores de Frutas, de Produtos Hortícolas e Florícolas da Ilha Terceira

FRUTER – Terceira Island Fruit, Vegetable and Flowers Producers Association registered began on April 1990 from an existing small core, the Terceira Island Banana Growers Association, founded in 1987 with the aim of covering other areas of agricultural production besides banana.

Due to the growing socioeconomic activity, it was necessary to create the Frutercoop cooperative, which took place in 1992 but started its production to put in the market in 1993.

Currently headquartered at Rua Dr. Aníbal Bettencourt, Conceição – Angra do Heroísmo, it has 130 members who carry out activities in the most diverse agricultural areas, such as fruit growing (including banana), horticulture, beekeeping and honey production, and floriculture.

Its main objective is to encourage a production with high standards of quality from its members, ensuring compliance of their producers members with good agricultural practices, including food security rules.