Direção Regional da Ciência e Tecnologia – DRCT

Direção Regional da Ciência e Tecnologia - DRCT

The Regional Directorate for Science and Technology lays out the foundations and measures on which regional policies pursued in the fields of science and technology should be based, coordinating and carrying out the actions deemed necessary for their implementation.

Its main lines of action are focused on supporting programmes and projects developed in the areas of scientific research, experimental development and innovation, and technological modernisation. Additionally, this entity is also responsible for promoting support infrastructures for scientific research activities and technological development, disseminating science and technology, encouraging the qualification of human resources and training initiatives, and contributing to specialised dissemination in the areas of science and technology.

The current strategy pursued by the Regional Government of the Azores is based on reinforcing the establishment of knowledge partnerships and the coordination between the entities of the Azores Scientific and Technological System (SCTA) and the socio-economic fabric, as well as between research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The aim is to strengthen cooperation between research centres and companies by embracing and strengthening every link in the innovation chain, from fundamental research to technology transfer.