Direção Regional do Turismo – DRT | Regional Directorate of Tourism

Direção Regional do Turismo - DRT | Regional Directorate of Tourism

The Regional Directorate of Tourism (DRTu) is the executive service of the Regional Secretariat of Energy, Environment and Tourism (SREAT), whose mission is to contribute to the definition and execution of supporting policies for the tourism sector. It comprehends not only infrastructures and planning but also the structuring and qualification of the tourism products supply, aiming at the consolidation of a sustainable tourism.

The DRTu competences are the following:

  • To encourage the use and preservation of the tourist resources of the Archipelago, namely carrying out studies in areas considered to be a priority, with a view to the correct use and framework of the equipments to be implemented in those areas, in cooperation with the competent regional departments
  • To promote or support actions taken within the scope of the regional tourism supply, as well as initiatives for tourist promotion of the Azores or other actions, ensuring its participation in such initiatives
  • To release publications, texts and information of interest to the regional tourism supply
  • To cooperate with all the regional, national or international services and departments, in what concerns all the subjects that might interest the tourism sector, namely with those involved in activities or integrated development projects, with interest for the regional tourism supply
  • To ensure, when required, the representation of the Azores Region in contacts with official and private entities related to tourism, in what concerns the interests and goals of the sector, as well as the participation in organisations and at national and international events, within the same scope
  • To co-ordinate and supervise the functioning and the activities carried out by DRTu representatives and tourist offices