EXPOLAB – Centro de Ciência – Rede Nacional Ciência Viva

EXPOLAB - Centro de Ciência - Rede Nacional Ciência Viva

Expolab Ciência Viva Science Centre is located in São Miguel Island, Archipelago of the Azores. It is managed by Sociedade Afonso Chaves, a non-profit organization with public utility status. The Centre integrates the Azorean Science Centres Network that is distributed by three of the nine Islands of the archipelago.

Expolab is also part of the national Ciência Viva Sience Centres Network that is a national network of 20 interactive Science Centres, all of them operating in close collaboration with universities and local authorities. Ciência Viva is a national agency for the promotion of initiatives for the public awareness of Science and Technology in Portugal, whose associate bodies include public institutions and research laboratories.

Expolab aims to promote an active citizenship based on scientific knowledge in the many fields of Natural Sciences and Technology. Through exhibitions and several activities (e.g. laboratory experiments, tinkering activities, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, home automation, robotics and programming languages, field trips, among others), a team of enthusiasts demand new ways of communicating science, believing in social progress based on the engagement of all citizens.

The above-mentioned activities of science promotion are extend also to the public in general and could reach also a more restricted public, depending on the action objective (workshops, interpretive rails, seminars, film festivals). Expolab also carries out doors science dissemination activities, through actions in schools and other institutions (e.g. science and Technology Fairs, Children’s Day, eco-schools program, radio and television programmes, etc.).

These activities aim to boost the centre awareness and attract new audiences.