Fundação Rebickoff-Niegeler

FRN is a nonprofit organisation declared of public benefit. The foundation operates the LULA1000 manned submersible system, aiming to improve knowledge on deep-water ecosystems and to contribute to a sustainable ocean management. This infrastructure provides fast access to a great number of habitats of ecological importance assuming a strategic position for marine research actions.

The FRN is composed of a dynamic and multidisciplinary team that is used to work with national and international research partners and has a strong and growing network of external collaborations and a vast experience in conducting deep-water surveys. The LULA1000 is a one-of-a-kind vehicle and the only manned submersible operating in Portugal.

The vehicle is rated for a depth of 1000 metres and a crew of 3 and provides excellent in situ observation capacities, due to its large spherical viewport. Its support vessel ADA REBIKOFF is equipped with sophisticated acoustic survey equipment and serves as a submersible carrier.