Fundo Regional para a Ciência e Tecnologia - FRCT

The Regional Fund for Science and Technology (FRCT) was created with the objective to coordinate and manage the financial resources available for scientific research and technological development from Regional, European and International programmes.

The FRCT competencies are:

  • To promote and participate in the implementation, monitoring, supervision and/or evaluation and the management of studies, programs, projects, training and information and dissemination measures of scientific scope, improvement or technological innovation, as well as the information and knowledge society
  • Foster and promote the support for the scientific development units and/or the regional innovation and technological upgrading and the information and knowledge society and/or in the cooperation with national and foreign counterparts
  • To conclude agreements, protocols and contracts with persons, whether natural or legal, of a public or private nature of Portuguese or foreign nationality, to carry out tasks or services that fit the nature and objectives of the FRCT
  • Promote and hold seminars, conferences, colloquiums and other similar activities in the field of science and technology and the information and knowledge society
  • To promote and carry out the editing of works, journals, monographs, studies and other scientific and technological works; Provide subsidies specifically provided for in the activities plan or which, to meet urgent needs, are appropriate, in line with the FRCT’s objectives.