Instituto de Inovação Tecnológica dos Açores – INOVA

Instituto de Inovação Tecnológica dos Açores - INOVA

The INOVA Institute- “Instituto de Inovação Tecnológica dos Açores” is in legal terms a non-profit association established in 1988, with the main goal of empowering the diversification and development of the Azores Autonomous Region companies through the development of new products, processes and services, promoting R&D activities, innovation and the use of new technologies.

The current associates of the INOVA Institute are the Azores Government, the Azores University, the IAPMEI – Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, the Azorean Chamber for Commerce and Industry, and several regional companies.

The INOVA Institute is above all a technological based infrastructure that is part of the SCTA- Azores Scientific and Technological System, of the Azores Government and acts in the interface between the regional companies and entities and the knowledge provided by applied research and technological development projects, supported and powered by innovation and demonstration initiatives.