Instituto do Mar – IMAR

Instituto do Mar - IMAR

The Institute of Marine Research – IMAR is a non-profit private organisation created in 1991 as a network of 8 Public Portuguese Universities all deeply involved in Marine Science and Technology.

IMAR aims to build on the synergies and complementarity between its members to generate interdisciplinary products and large-scale initiatives to create strong links with governmental and private organizations, and with the society, while empowering Portuguese marine sciences community, making it competitive on a European and international level.

IMAR brings together specialists in physics, chemistry, biology, and geology, different areas of engineering and technology, and modelling. Due to its make-up, IMAR is in a privileged position to execute interdisciplinary projects and research on all types of aquatic systems, from river basins and associated landscapes, to estuaries, coastal and large marine ecosystems, the open-ocean and deep-sea.