Observatório do Mar dos Açores - OMA - Centro de Ciência | Sea Observatory of the Azores

The Sea Observatory of the Azores (OMA) is a technical, scientific and cultural nonprofit association, established in 2002 (www.oma.pt). Since 2004, OMA established its headquarters in the Porto Pim Old Whaling Station, Horta, on loan, through agreement with the Regional Government. OMA aims to disseminate scientific and technological culture and to promote interpretation and environmental education activities in the context of Marine Sciences.

During the last seven years the actions promoted by OMA were as diverse as the organization and participation on technical and scientific meetings, in and outside of the archipelago, the production of publications, books and leaflets, the creation of educational resources associated to some scientific projects and the realization of numerous hands-on educational activities directed to children with ages from 3 to 18 years old, both in scholar and informal context, approaching and connecting them with diverse subjects connected to the ocean and its diversity. Having reached, in the course of these actions a total of over 50 000 participants.