TERINOV – Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da Ilha Terceira

TERINOV is a Science and Technology Park, located in Terceira island, having on the Agribusiness one of its core areas. TERINOV shelters – in a place where scientific and technological development, openness to society, cooperation and networking are key – researchers, start-ups, SMEs, cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and information and communication technologies (ICTs), promoting a multidisciplinary-based environment.

With a unique positioning TERINOV aims to be a place where Agribusiness professionals can develop projects in close articulation with other professionals (CCIs and ICTs), developing the technological requirements that make their products sustainable and profitable.

To materialize this strategy, TERINOV provides several research facilities including:

  • Wet and Dry Laboratories
  • FabLab
  • Image and Video Engineering Laboratory
  • Parcels of the experimental terrain

Also accommodating areas dedicated to business incubation and development: Offices; Co-work area; Meeting and training rooms; and a Multipurpose Hall.