Unidade de Genética e Patologia Moleculares - UGPM do HDESPD - EPER

Integrated into the Regional Health Service, the Hospital do Divino Espírito Santo de Ponta Delgada (HDES) is the main hospital in the Azores Islands. Open in 1999, the hospital has a capacity of 427 beds. It provides specialized care for patients in medical (including intensive and neonatal care), surgical, behavioral health, rehabilitative (…) departments, and has outpatient clinics for treatment and investigation (day hospitals, complementary diagnostic and therapeutic exams, ambulatory surgery).

The Hospital also develops and promotes research activities on clinical and/or biomedical areas (examples: human and medical genetics, pharmacogenetics, as well as infectious diseases), and has facilities for academic and professional training for students of the University of the Azores (mainly, medical and nurses) and of other Portuguese Universities.

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  • Region: Azores