We are a local sustainability consultancy company, working across different sectors of our society to manage the change that is necessary for a deep understanding and systemic implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, transitioning towards their full integration into our partners’ spheres of action. We do this through: Awareness Raising, Training and Research Promoting sustainable management models in NGOs, start-ups and businesses Identifying legal or administrative barriers to sustainable transitions – and overcoming them; Fostering and reinforcing collaborative work and partnerships Lobbying and advocacy for the Region to lead in sustainability policy

The MULTIC company presents itself as an innovative company, specializing in the creation of expositive information spaces, in the development of advanced digital experiences, touchscreen solutions, digital signance. We also develop Information Systems, computer platforms, Apps, websites and application software. We help our clients envision the future, increase their awareness and engage with their audiences without the effort or time of invaluable resources. MULTIC is headquartered in NONAGON – São Miguel Science and Technology Park with all the advantages inherent in its proximity to the technology sector companies and strategic and specialized partners in various areas. The good relationship we…

Established in 1997, GLOBALEDA is an entrepreneurial and technology-based Company, in the field of Information and Telecommunication Engineering, which currently employs close to 100 people. It encompasses a vast set of integrating skills, cross-sectional to technologies and platforms, involving key partners worldwide. GLOBALEDA is focused on technology projects outcomes and continuing improvement processes, maximising efficiency and client satisfaction, respecting the environment and actively contributing to the surrounding communities well-being.

Fibrenamics Azores, powered by CIMPA, is the regional extension of the University of Minho’s international platform, Fibrenamics. Through innovation projects and multi-sectoral cooperation, Fibrenamics Azores aims to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development and regional business competitiveness in the short, medium and long term. Its multidisciplinary team, with scientific fields ranging from a multitude of engineering areas, is dedicated to promote, enhance and respond to R&D needs of partners, contributing to the increase of scientific knowledge in several domains (architecture, construction, sport, medicine, protection, transport and home textiles).

Founded in 2009, DOITLEAN is a boutique services company focused on the fast delivery of enterprise quality, responsive web applications and high-fidelity mobile apps that take advantage of native functionality of iOS and Android devices. Enabling enterprise Digital Transformation, through the participation in disruptive business processes with most recent tools and technologies from cloud computing, machine learning, text data mining, planning and other AI technologies, supported in a remote development strategy. From our development centers in Portugal (Leiria, Lisbon, Porto and Azores), DOITLEAN serves customers in US, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, Netherlands and Singapore.

A Google and Microsoft partner, Cybermap is a consultancy business, that develops innovative, user-tailored solutions for e-commerce, mobile apps and information systems, in addition to systems integration, reporting services and digital marketing for various commercial sectors, but with a special focus on tourism. The solutions developed by our dynamic, multidisciplinary team of certified professionals are designed to be implementable in proprietary/legacy to open source technologies.

CUSTOMPROJECT is a company dedicated to event and logistics platforms. Focusing on usability (UX) and interface (UI), in order to create more efficient solutions. We have been focusing on process optimization / dematerialization and digital transformation.

Cereal Games is a technology development company based in the Azores. Our main goal and core activity is the development of serious games, with special emphasis on Educational Games, Advergames and Health Games. We also study, investigate and develop gamification scenarios. We strongly believe that serious processes can be easier to learn/achieve trough the use of game design thinking. We have developed Augmented Reality Games and IoT projects in order to accomplish more intense experiences.

The Regional Tourism Association (Associação Regional de Turismo – ART) is a private non-profit organization whose propose is: Organize the tourism offer on the islands of the Central and Western groups, contributing to its development and quality Encourage sustainable development by promoting nature, nautical, adventure and cultural tourism activities Promote responsible practices and contribute to the growth of the Azores as a sustainable tourism destination as well as strengthen the ability of the destination to compete in the market, especially the Central and Western Groups Contribute to the reduction of seasonality and encourage an increase in the average length of…

The Escola de Formação Turística e Hoteleira (School of Tourism and Hospitality Training – EFTH) was created by Associação Açoriana de Formação Turística e Hoteleira – AAFTH (Azorean Hospitality and Tourism Association) and began operating on September 23rd, 2002. AAFTH is a private non-profit organization established by the Government of the Azores, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ponta Delgada and SATA Air Açores. The Anfiteatro Restaurant/Lounge highlights the local products and its quality can be found in it’s contemporary cuisine inspired by the traditional flavors of the Azores. It’s the ideal place to hang out with friends and…

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